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Q: Does the ceremony cost money?
A: No, the ceremony itself does not cost money to attend. The only thing available for purchase
is a stole for $25 that will be available at the A.S. Ticket Office, more details to come.

Q: How do I get a Transfer Stole?
A: RSVP for the graduation, indicate that you would like a stole, and once they are ready they
will be available for pick up at the A.S. ticket office.

Q: Can I bring guests, how many?
A: Yes, there is no limit on guests.

Q: Where can we find parking?
A: Parking will be available at Lot 10, behind Elings Hall. Link to interactive campus map:

Q: Where is Bren Hall?
A: Bren Hall is off of Lagoon Road on the east side of campus in between Harold frank Hall
(Engineering 1) and the Marine Science Research Building. Link to interactive campus map:

Q: I indicated on the RSVP that I wanted to reserve a Transfer Stole; how and when do I get it?
A: Transfer Stoles will be available for pickup at the A.S. Ticket Office which (attached to the
MCC building and across from Corwin Pavilion). We will be contacting you when they are ready
for pickup, tentatively 1-2 weeks before the ceremony on 6/14.

Q: Will I be walking across the stage?
A: Of course! Your name will be presented as you walk across the stage, let us know if you
have a preferred name on the RSVP.

Q: Will food be provided for dietary restrictions?
A: Yes, please indicate your dietary restriction on the RSVP.

Q: What if I need to make changes to my RSVP?
A: Please contact us if there are any changes to your RSVP, tsgucsb@gmail.com

Q: Is there designated separate seating for grads and guests? Can I sit with my family and friends?
A: The graduates will be sitting in the front half and the guests will be sitting behind them. After
the ceremony there will be a reception with dinner where seating is open.

Q: I missed the deadline to RSVP and reserve a stole. Can I still attend and purchase a stole?
A: Please contact us as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee a stole or a spot but we will
work with you as much as we can.

Q: I want to purchase a stole but cannot attend the ceremony. How can I order one?
A: When you RSVP, just indicate that you will not be able to attend the ceremony. You can still
receive a stole without attending the ceremony.

Q: I need financial assistance, how will I know if I receive it?
A: Please indicate this in the comments on the RSVP and email us at tsgucsb@gmail.com
ASAP. Financial assistance is very limited.

Q: How can I help? Where/when does the committee meet?
A: The Transfer Student Graduation Committee meets on Tuesdays at 3:30-4:30pm in the
Transfer Student Center.